June 10, 2023


Yamaha Music India has launched its range of wireless headphones that can intelligently adapt and respond to listeners and their environment. The company has launched six headphones and earphones in total: the YH-L700, YH-E700A, YH-E500A, EP-E70A, EP-E50A and EP-E30A. All the headphone models feature new technology from Yamaha meant to optimise the listening experience for each person, claims the company.
The YH-L700 over-the-ear wireless headphones are the costliest of the lot with an MRP of Rs 43,300. Next in line are the YH-E700A wireless noise-cancelling over-the-ear headphones (MRP Rs 29,900), YH-E500A wireless noise-cancelling headphones (MRP Rs.14,800), EP-E70A wireless noise-cancelling neckband earphones (MRP Rs 23,600), EP-E50A wireless noise-cancelling neckband earphones (MRP Rs 12,400) and EP-E30A wireless neckband earphones (MRP Rs 4,890).
All the Yamaha headphones will be available online on Amazon, Yamaha Music store and Bajaao.com
The YH-L700A wireless noise-cancelling headphones features head tracking and 3D sound Advanced ANC, which goes beyond standard active noise cancelling by incorporating new proprietary technology from Yamaha, claims the company. Unlike typical noise-cancelling, which can often “colour” or degrade the sound, Advanced ANC analyses and removes background noise while keeping the music signal pure and untouched, says Yamaha.
For situations where a listener wants to stay aware of their surroundings or communicate with another person, the noise-cancelling models include an Ambient Sound mode.
All models offer Listening Care, a technology, which is meant to allow listeners to hear the full-range sound — from high to low frequencies — even at low volume settings. Yamaha claims that with Listening Care, users won’t need to jack up the volumes to a very high level as the tech is designed to encourage lower volume, listening by intelligently adjusting sound frequencies to maintain the full-range sound.
The new headphone models feature app control in addition to simple controls to make phone calls, activate the voice assistant and control your music with the help of buttons.


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