This Google update can help you free up space on your Android smartphone

In 2017, Google rolled out an app called Files that helps you manage all the files, apps and other items on your Android smartphone. The tech giant regularly rolls out updates for the app but with the latest update, Google has added a new feature that can help you to get rid of unwanted items on your Android device. As reported by AndroidPolice, the company has added new search chip filters to the app that can help you find and delete unwanted items from your smartphone to free up storage space.
After the update, you will be able to see autofill suggestions and other tips of possible results while you are typing in the search bar.
How the new search chip filters on Files app work
Once you have installed the latest update, you will be able to see new chip filters under the Browse menu in the Files app. The filters will allow you to categorise items of a particular segment into certain groups. For example, if you select Apps in the Browse menu, the new filters will allow you to categorise apps on your smartphone in certain groups such as ‘Games’, ‘large apps’ and ‘unused apps’. Information including size of the app and when it was last used will also be displayed.
You can also use multiple filters at once. For example, the feature will allow you easily spot large apps on your smartphone that you have never used.
Recently, Google also announced that it is adding the search chips in Google Drive. The beta testing of the new search filters on Google Drive started in November last year. Although the filter options on the platform may be different, the purpose remains the same. As of now, the feature is only available for Google Workspace customers. Similar search filters were first added to Gmail in 2020.

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