Redmi Smart Band Pro review: A worthy upgrade

Redmi Smart Band Pro is a feature-packed device. It comes with multiple sensors to monitor heart rate, blood oxygen levels, stress, sleep and menstrual cycle for women. The smart band can be used with both Android phones and iPhones. One needs to download the Xiaomi Wear app to pair it with a phone.

The interface of the fitness tracker is easy. Similar to other fitness bands, there are four primary gestures that take care of the navigation— swipe-left, swipe-right, swipe-up and swipe-down. Basic features like step count and calories burnt work well and are accurate. It managed to ignore accidental hand movements and count them in the final step count.

There is a raise-to-wake function that worked really well. The fitness band’s display was quick to light up every time the wrist moved. But, that could be distracting for some. Heart rate monitoring on the fitness band was accurate too. Redmi Smart Band Pro offers continuous heart rate monitoring which may not be necessary for every user as it takes a toll on the battery life of the smart band. One can opt for periodic tracking as well depending on the use case. SpO2 tracking was precise too. It can also be used to monitor blood oxygen levels while sleeping which takes us to another feature of the smart band – sleep tracking. Redmi Smart Band Pro monitors sleep quality through four stages: awake, light sleep, deep sleep and REM. Sleep data along with other health stats can be found in the Xiaomi Wear app. Being lightweight, it was comfortable to wear while sleeping. Stress monitoring with guided breathing and menstrual health tracking are other features of the device. Women can log their menstrual cycle and can track it using the smart band. Related information like ovulation and fertile days can be accessed via the Xiaomi Wear app.

During our review, we found that the Redmi Smart Band Pro can automatically detect workouts- walking, treadmill and running as claimed by the company. However, there is no GPS on the device, which means the distance data gathered by the smart band is not fool-proof.

The smart band can be worn for water activities like swimming and 13 others, as claimed by the company. Also, users get a handful of customisation options with more than 50 predesigned watch faces in the Xiaomi Wear App.

Redmi Smart Band Pro:

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