October 1, 2023


NEW DELHI: Flagging off 100 ‘kisan drones’ in different parts of the country for spraying pesticides and farm chemicals, Prime Minister Narenda Modi on Friday assured full government support to start-ups related to drone technology as he exuded confidence that India will soon emerge as a global leader in the sector.
“A new ecosystem of the drone market is developing in India. More than 100 drone start-ups are currently working in the country and soon their numbers will increase to thousands, creating huge job opportunities. India is poised to witness the emergence of new leadership in the drone sector and I assure you that the government will draft policies to ensure no bottlenecks for the entrepreneurs,” the PM said in his virtual address to a group of farmers gathered at Manesar near Gurgaon from where the “Drone Kisan Yatra” was flagged off. The campaign was launched for several states, including the poll-bound Uttar Pradesh, Punjab and Goa.
“…Kisan Drone Suvidha has added a new chapter in the farming sector and it will prove to be a milestone for drone technology,” the PM said, adding that ‘kisan drones’ will usher in a new-edge revolution as high-capacity drones will also be used to carry vegetables, fruits, fish to the market directly from farms.


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