March 30, 2023

Web browser Opera has announced that it will now support emoji-only based web addresses. The move is a part of its partnership with Yat. For those who don’t know, Yat is a company that sells unique URLs that have strings of emoji in them. These web pages are dubbed as Yat pages.
“It’s been almost 30 years since the world wide web launched to the public, and there hasn’t been much innovation in the weblink space. People still include .com in their URLs. Through the integration with Yat, Opera users are able to ditch .com or even words in their links and use emojis to be directed to websites.” said Jorgen Arnesen, executive vice president of mobile at Opera.
How emoji-based Yat pages work
Yat pages are generated using a string of emoji that are purchased by users. This string of emoji itself is called a Yat. As per the website, the owner of Yat can also create a non-fungible token (NFT) of the emoji string. Yat has already got the attention of a few popular artists. American pop singer Kesha has already created a Yat page. When you search for an emoji string owned by her in Opera, you will be redirected to her website.
How you can create your own emoji-based URL
You can create your own Yat page by going to When you pick an emoji for your Yat page, the website shows you a Rhythm Score. The price of an emoji is based on its Rhythm Score, which is a measure of its rarity and uniqueness. It is worth noticing that you can only access a Yat page through the Opera browser app installed on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is not yet known whether the support will be added for other browsers as well.

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