June 10, 2023

Amber Heard Is In Aquaman 2 For As Long As 20-25 Minutes? Johnny Depp Fans Boycott Jason Momoa Starrer

Netizens Boycott Aquaman 2 As News Of Amber Heard Getting An Increase In Role Surfaces! ( Photo Credit – Amber Heard / Instagram )

Wonderful things were expected to happen for Johnny Depp after he won the defamation trial. But so far, there has been no update about his return in any way in Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise. But instead, what comes in as upsetting news for his fans is an increase in screentime for Amber Heard in Aquaman 2. Scroll below for more details!

As most know, the defamation trial continued for almost a month in May. A lot of revelations were made on Amber and the script of Aquaman 2. The actress claimed that her role was drastically reduced because of the allegations made by her ex-husband. In addition, she revealed how she failed to get a hike in remuneration and “fought with her life” to be a part of the Jason Momoa starrer.

Now, as per a recent report, Amber Heard will be seen for as long as 20-25 minutes in Aquaman 2. A test screening reportedly was held by the makers and it witnessed the actress being a part of the movie from start to end. Now that the defamation trial against Johnny Depp is over, Warner Bros is testing the reaction of the viewers.

Earlier it was being said that Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom will see Amber Heard for only roughly about 10 minutes. Furthermore, it was being said that her role may be eliminated early or even entirely. But clearly, that is not the case.

Netizens have been slamming Warner Bros ever since the news came out.

A user wrote, “over 4.5 million people signed to not have her in it… but the decide to go ahead and test the waters LOL … sounds like my toddler after i tell her no your toy won’t float if you throw it in the water. AND she does it anyway… toy never to be seen again”

Another commented, “Well that’s disappointing. Guess I won’t be seeing #Aquaman2 if she’s still in it. If they come out and say that she’s been fully removed from the movie, I’ll go see it. However, don’t fool me, I will be that person that will sue over being misled to use my money to see it.”

“@warnerbros You seriously need to check yourselves. We need to treat people equally and that includes a woman having been proved to be abusive to her husband. If AH was a man you wouldn’t dare,” a user wrote.

A Johnny Depp fan wrote, “Warner brothers will lose a lot of money if they keep her in it.”

Stay tuned to Koimoi as we update you about the wrath of keeping Amber Heard in Aquaman 2 in the future

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