microsoft: Microsoft may be closing in on Apple with this Windows 11 strategy

With the launch of Windows 11 operating system last year, Microsoft made it clear that it wants users to stick to Edge browsers. Now, the latest report from web analytics service StatCounter suggests that the tech giant’s strategy for its browser is working. According to the tracking website, Edge is now used on 9.54% of desktops worldwide, just behind Apple’s Safari with 9.84% market share. The data also reveals that Google Chrome still holds the largest market share with 65.38% users. Edge has seen significant growth since the launch of the new Windows OS.
Although Edge holds the third highest market share from April, it is still quite far from Chrome. It can not be denied that Microsoft’s move to revamp its browser using Chromium has also finally started paying off.
What is Microsoft’s Windows 11 browser strategy
Microsoft has changed the way users assign default apps in WIndows 11. On the new operating system, users have to set default apps according to the type of file or link type instead of a single switch. This means that for changing the default browser, users have to change the default file type for FTP, HTTPS, HTTP, HTML, HTM, PDF, SHTML, SVG, WEBP, XHT and XHTML.
A few months ago, the company also started to block third-party apps like EdgeDeflector. Whenever users search anything through the search box in the Start menu, Microsoft takes them to Edge browser and Bing search engine. Apps like EdgeDeflector are used to avoid these curbs and see the search results in their preferred browser.

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