March 30, 2023

Apple is reportedly working on a new Magic Keyboard that will have Mac integrated inside it. As per a new patent application discovered by AppleInsider, Apple may launch a Mac that will be part of the keyboard. The patent application is named ‘Computer in an input device’. The device is said to function just like the Apple Mac mini for which users need a display, keyboard and mouse. But with the device mentioned in the patent, you will only just need a display for a Mac setup.
The patent application suggests that the device in works will be bigger and taller than the current Apple Magic Keyboard. There are multiple references in the application that suggest that device will be portable as well. “Computing device can be foldable about an axis.”, a reference in the patent application reads. The device may also feature a cellular antenna for wireless internet connectivity.
The application further reveals that the keyboard shaped device will have different sections to fit in specific components. “A strong demand for portable computing devices which also deliver high performance,” reads the patent application. The patent has also confirmed that components such as processors, batteries, memory, integrated circuits and others are now being manufactured within smaller footprints to provide lightweight and thin portable computing devices.
Three inventors are credited for the patent application. It is worth noting that Brett W. Degner is one of the three inventors. Degner has previously filed patent applications for an iMac made from one sheet of glass. Technologies that Apple demonstrates in its patent applications do not always make it to the actual product. If the company is planning to incorporate the technology in future Macs, it may take a few years. As of now there are no official details from the company about any such product.

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