How The Boys Walks the Line Between Satire and Sincerity

Is there a rating beyond NC-17? Because The Boys just went there, bought property and threw a massive house party. 

In the Amazon Prime Video superhero drama’s season three premiere, viewers were left with dented floors after their jaws dropped that far when lower-level supe Termite (Brett Geddes)—think a coked-out version of Ant-Man who can shrink himself down to the size of his namesake—accidentally shot back up to normal size after sneezing. He also happened to be inside his boyfriend’s penis when this occurred, exploding his lover into bloody bits and pieces in the process. Houston, we’ve rocketed way past NSFW.

It was deranged. It was diverting. It was diabolical. And it happened less than 10 minutes into the episode. Isn’t that The Boys in a nutshell?

“I am so delighted, it’s been so much fun, just stupid amounts of fun,” showrunner Eric Kripke told E! News of the response to the shocking scene. “Because you might say we’ve had that penis in our pocket for a very long time and we kept watching it with our hands over our mouths and couldn’t believe the insanity we were getting away with. We were so curious what the reaction would be and the reaction is everything I wanted it to be.”

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