November 30, 2023


Apple is reportedly planning to add new features to its Safari web browser. As per a report by 9to5Mac, the tech giant is planning to add per-website dark mode toggles in the browser for iOS and macOS. As the name suggests, the feature will allow users to set dark more or light mode for different websites as per their choice. It will work quite similar to the dark theme offered by Google where you can set preferred themes for Google web pages including the Google homepage, search results page, and Search settings. The reference of the feature has been discovered in the WebKit’s code. For those who don’t know, WebKit is Apple’s engine that powers Safari and its code can be accessed by anyone on Github.
The report from 9to5Mac further reveals that the company is also working on a feature that will give you the option to allow or block modal pop-up for specific websites. Apart from this, the report reveals that Apple is working on a new API to manage permissions given to websites to collect cookies. Since all these features are labeled at ‘TBA’ (to be announced), it is not yet clear when Apple will roll them out.
Apple is currently gearing up to launch the iOS 15.4 update for iPhones. The tech giant seeded the fourth beta version for the upcoming update last week. With the OS update, Apple is planning to bring a new functionality to the Face ID feature that will allow users to unlock their iPhones with a mask on. Currently, the feature is only limited to beta users. With the new beta update, when you try to unlock your iPhone through Face ID with a mask on, you will be prompted to ‘Look Down’ to unlock your smartphone. The prompt will only appear if you are holding your iPhone lower than eye level.


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