June 10, 2023


Apple might have delayed its foldable iPhone plans until 2025. At present, the tech giant has plans to explore all-screen foldable MacBooks, Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) analyst Ross Young said as per a report by MacRumors.
A story on MacRumors mentioned that Young explained that Apple’s long-rumored foldable ‌iPhone‌ has been delayed until 2025. The new timeline is being considered to be a significant delay since it was predicted that the foldable iPhone would launch in 2023 or 2024.
A previous report by analyst Ross Young also predicted that the company may not launch a foldable iPhone until 2023. He had mentioned that 2024 was a more likely year for the release.
There are rumours that the news of the delay came after discussions with supply chain sources suggesting that Apple may not be in a hurry to enter the foldable market.
As per previous leaks, Apple is experimenting on foldable devices but the company was still concerned with the display and the market of foldable phones.
We had previously reported that according to leaker Dylandkt, Apple wants to make sure that the design of the first foldable iPhone is not a regression from the current form factor of the iPhone. The tech giant is concerned whether the smartphone will remain popular in the long run or will they become obsolete in future.
The tech giant, however, is known to not reveal any details about its upcoming devices.
As per MacRumors, the launch timeframe for the foldable notebook, too, is “likely later” than 2025 and it won’t be surprising if the device gets released in 2026 or 2027.


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